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ICYMI: Crooked Claudia Tenney’s Shameless Self-Dealing Detailed by The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast: “GOP Lawmaker’s Campaign Spent Thousands on Her Own Companies”

A new report from The Daily Beast details how vulnerable Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney “has spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars on businesses where she held an ownership stake or an executive job, and from which she reported $130,120 in income in 2020.”

The Daily Beast: “GOP Lawmaker’s Campaign Spent Thousands on Her Own Companies

Key Highlights:

  • “This year alone … Tenney shelled out $15,634.85 for a medley of rent, telephone service, and office supplies to OMP Park, Inc., a company that New York business records show is registered in her name and which identifies her as its CEO.”

  • In 2016, Tenney’s campaign “paid a combined $28,676.86 for rent, utilities, printing, and postage to OMP and to Mid-York Press, a company where her official congressional page states she served as ‘co-owner and legal counsel.’”

  • “Tenney reported six-figures in wages from Mid-York and OMP last year, at the same time she was signing documents as its president. It is unclear whether Tenney’s job was one of those Mid-York and OMP cited in order to receive more than $860,000 in now-forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans last year—or an additional $845,742 in January.”

  • “In total, Tenney’s campaigns, both for federal and state offices, have earned her family’s companies more than $100,000.”

“Claudia Tenney’s crooked self-dealing is the latest example of just how unfit she is to represent New York’s 22nd District,” said DCCC spokesperson Abel Iraola. “Central New Yorkers deserve a representative who will serve with integrity and who puts constituents and small businesses other than their own first. Claudia Tenney continues to make it abundantly clear that she is not that representative.”


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