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ICYMI: DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján Announces Unprecedented Democratic Candidate Fundraising

In case you missed it, DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján announced unprecedented Democratic candidate fundraising in the third quarter of 2018. Crucially, this will allow Democratic candidates to communicate their personal stories and deep records of service to voters and demonstrates that enthusiasm and momentum are on the side of Democrats.

In the third quarter of 2018, at least:

  • 82 Candidates will raise over $500K. Of those…
    • 74 Candidates will raise over $750K,
    • 60 Candidates will raise over $1M,
    • 30 Candidates will raise over $2M,
    • 8 Candidates will raise over $3M

Take a look at some of the coverage…

Politico: DCCC chair: 60 Democrat House candidates raised over $1M in third quarter

Sixty House Democratic candidates broke the $1 million mark in fundraising from July through September, a whopping total fueling the party’s campaign to retake the House in November.

Thirty of those candidates exceeded $2 million raised last quarter, while eight of them brought in more than $3 million over that period.

[…] “The fundraising success we’re seeing with our candidates – especially with the unlimited amounts of money coming from the outside – puts them in the strongest places they can [be in] as we put our entire strategy together to make sure they can win these seats across the country,” Lujan told reporters.

The Hill: Dems announce third-quarter fundraising bonanza

“Those numbers are incredible,” Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (N.M.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) told a small gathering of reporters at a Bloomberg editorial roundtable in Washington.

“It shows you where there’s a lot of energy and momentum, and that’s predominately grassroots fed and fueled.”

Bloomberg: Fundraising Haul Gives Democrats Multiple Paths to Win the House

Democrats will have to “fight for every inch” in their quest to take back the House majority, but an “unprecedented” fundraising haul is giving them the resources to do just that, the party’s House campaign chief, Representative Ben Ray Lujan, told reporters Thursday.

[…] “The fundraising success that we’re seeing with our candidates” puts them in the “strongest place” that they can be in to win those seats, Lujan said during a breakfast hosted by Bloomberg News. Instead of a narrow path to the majority, Democrats have a wide geographic and demographic spread of races that, in combination, could allow them to regain control.

[…] “I’ve been clear that I believe we’ll pick up the House,” Lujan said. “I never said that it would be easy, I always said that it would be tough and that we’d have to fight for every seat.”

They’ll have the money to do that.

NBC News: Democrats tease another massive fundraising quarter for their candidates

House Democratic candidates raised a truckload of money during the last fundraising quarter, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Luján told reporters Thursday.

Luján told reporters at a Thursday Bloomberg News event that 82 House Democratic candidates raised at least $500,000 in the most recent fundraising quarter, which spanned July through September.

Bloomberg: Democratic House Candidates Are Seeing ‘Unprecedented’ Fundraising, Official Says

House Democratic candidates posted “unprecedented”’ fundraising numbers in the third quarter, with 60 Democrats raising more than $1 million each, the head of the party’s House campaign arm said Wednesday.

Representative Ben Ray Lujan said the money haul and polling make him “confident” that his party can win the 23 seats necessary to take control of the House from Republicans in Nov. 6 congressional elections.

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