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ICYMI: DCCC Launches Historic Project to Mobilize Voters of Color With Earlier and Sustained Engagement

DCCC’s latest initiative will help ensure Democrats build stronger, genuine relationships with Black, Latino, and AAPI communities

Last week, the DCCC launched the Building Our Base Project, an historic long-term strategy, with an initial investment of $30 million, that will significantly strengthen House Democrats’ efforts to persuade, engage, and mobilize voters of color and key constituencies earlier than ever before.

While extremist Republicans continue to protect their white nationalist members and attempt to dilute the political power of communities of color, the DCCC is working earlier than ever to ensure House Democrats engage more meaningfully with voters of color across the country, and better communicate with key voters how Democrats’ agenda will positively impact their communities.

Through robust localized programs for early and sustained engagement, targeted research to better address the unique priorities within these broader communities, and culturally competent communications driven by local leaders, House Democrats are committed to putting in the groundwork of building a diverse and durable coalition that will power Democratic victories in 2022.

Take a look at some of the coverage already highlighting the DCCC’s latest initiative below:

NPR: House Democrats have a new strategy to engage voters of color in the midterm elections

  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching a new, multimillion-dollar effort to engage and mobilize voters of color ahead of the midterm elections, including investments in local organizing and a seven-figure research and polling effort.

  • It is an early signal of how national Democrats plan to work to ensure that the racially diverse coalition that elected President Biden and delivered victories in key states across the country that gave Democrats a bare Senate majority shows up again.

  • The announcement is also an indication that party leaders are aware that the broad, racially diverse coalition of voters that elected Democrats must be engaged consistently, and must not be treated as monolithic groups.

The Hill: House Democrats focusing on people of color with voter turnout operation

  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is set to pump tens of millions of dollars into an effort to persuade and mobilize voters of color ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

  • The so-called “Building Our Base Project” will cost $30 million and will mark the group’s earliest-ever investment to engage what it sees as some of its most critical constituencies, including Black, Latino and Asian American and Pacific Islander voters.

  • Included in the $30 million effort is a seven-figure investment in research and polling, as well as a series of highly targeted and localized ad campaigns. The program will also focus on hiring local community organizers and building out strategies to counter disinformation.

Vanity Fair: Democrats Develop Bold Plan To Not Take Their Base For Granted

  • …the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is boosting its outreach to communities of color, investing $30 million in an effort to connect with nonwhite voters and to combat disinformation campaigns, among other measures to buttress the diverse coalition that helped elect Joe Biden to the White House last November.

  • The efforts, which include investments in community organizing, targeted advertising, and voter education campaigns, are in line with the conclusions of a sobering report this summer analyzing Democrats’ performance in the 2020 election.

  • “We can’t just show up in a community and expect people to listen to us and turn out overnight,” Representative Nikema Williams, head of the Georgia Democratic Party and leader of the DCCC’s voting rights and voter education efforts, told NPR. “I had a novel idea: What if we did year-round organizing and continued to bring information to the voters and continued to let voters know how Democrats were delivering for them? That’s what we did in Georgia, that’s how we won in Georgia, and that’s what we’re doing with the DCCC.”


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