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ICYMI: DFL Chairman Ken Martin calls on Darlene Miller to stop lying about accepting stimulus funds

This week’s anniversary of the 2008 economic stimulus recalled the time when Darlene Miller, now a Republican candidate in MN02, accepted federal stimulus funds twice to grow her business and hire more employees, and then lied about it at a press conference. Her denials and feeble attempts to hide from the truth earned her a “Reality Check” in local television at the time, and an admonishing from DFL Chairman Ken Martin just yesterday.

When will Darlene Miller finally stop lying and come clean to voters?

ICYMI: DFL Chairman Ken Martin calls on Darlene Miller to stop lying about accepting stimulus funds

DFL Chairman Ken Martin has encouraged CD2 Republican candidate Darlene Miller to officially welcome Vice President Biden’s visit commemorating the anniversary of President Obama’s federal stimulus package, of which Miller’s business, Permac Industries, was a recipient.

Although Darlene Miller got stimulus dollars twice – once from the George W. Bush White House, and once from the Obama Administration – she has publicly denied it multiple times, and even tried to hide from reporters’ questions behind then-gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer at a 2010 press conference. Her lies were one of many disasters for the ill-fated Emmer campaign, who then had to “scramble to defuse a potential embarrassment.”

“As a two-time recipient of stimulus dollars, Darlene Miller should be welcoming Joe Biden’s visit to Minnesota today,” said DFL Chair Ken Martin. “Instead of lying about how her business benefited from two federal stimulus packages, Darlene Miller should come clean with Minnesota 2nd Congressional District voters.”


Bush White House Said Permac Owner Darlene Miller Would Use Federal Funds. ‘An April 2008 White House press release said Permac would use federal funds to purchase equipment and hire at least five workers. According to the Bush White House then: “As a result of the stimulus package, Permac Industries – a manufacturing company in Minnesota – will purchase much of their equipment to fill their recently doubled manufacturing space this year. Owner Darlene Miller expects these investments to expand manufacturing capacity by 25 percent, and plans to hire at least five more workers.”’ [CBS Minnesota, 09/07/10]

Permac Also Benefitted from Obama Stimulus. ‘Permac also benefits from the Obama stimulus, employing workers this year whose wages were paid by stimulus funds, according the Minnesota’s Department of Economic Development. According to DEED Spokeswoman Kirsten Morrell: “The program is called TANF Emergency Fund. Minnesota DEED and Dept. of Human Services received a $6 million grant to administer this program jointly. This is stimulus funding. The program provides wage subsidies for public and private-sector companies to hire people with limited skills and job prospects (mainly people on public assistance / MFIP). The program does not provide training – just wage subsidies. This program ends on Sept. 30, 2010.” Permac said it hired one of those workers permanently.’ [CBS Minnesota09/07/10]

WCCO Reality Check: Emmer’s Model Business Got Stimulus “Permac owner Darlene Miller told reporters: “We have not received any federal stimulus money or employees whatsoever through that program.” But that’s not completely accurate…. When reporters persisted, asking questions about stimulus funding, Emmer cut off the press conference.” During the first line of questioning, Miller decided to stop answering reporters by backing away from the microphone and hiding behind Emmer. During the second line of questioning, Miller allowed an Emmer staffer to answer questions for her, until Emmer cut the press conference off. [Tom Emmer Press Conference, 23:35-25:12 and 30:39-32:21, 09/06/10; CBS Minnesota, 09/07/10]


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