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ICYMI: Don Bacon Called Out for Spreading Misinformation on Debt Ceiling

Bacon fact checked on air for making false claims about his vote against the historically bipartisan debt ceiling

After putting millions of American workers, seniors, and small businesses owners in harm’s way by voting against the historically bipartisan debt ceiling, vulnerable Congressman Don Bacon was caught spreading misinformation about his shameful vote to default on America’s bills.

Bacon was called out by MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson live on air for falsely claiming the legislation would “remove the debt ceiling” and “allow for future spending.” As Jackson points out, raising the debt ceiling actually “pays the bills already spent during the Trump administration.”

See the exchange below: 

Jackson: I know you voted ‘no’ on the House bill to suspend the debt ceiling. I mean, Janet Yellen said this could be catastrophic. Are you really willing as a Republican to allow that to happen?

Bacon: I am not going to vote on the bill that they put on the floor. They removed the debt ceiling till December ’22.

Jackson: They suspended the limit.

Bacon: They suspended it, right? So it essentially allows for the 3.5 or 4.3 trillion dollar bill.

Jackson: But that’s not — it is past spending, you know that.

Bacon: Well —

Jackson: Debt ceiling deals with past spending.

Bacon: It is going to be allowing for future spending. That’s what it’s going to allow to do.

Jackson: It pays the bills already spent during the Trump administration. I mean that’s what it does.

Failing to raise the debt limit would cost the country 6 million jobs, send unemployment surging to 9 percent, jeopardize senior’s social security, and threaten the economic progress President Biden has made in pandemic recovery.

“It’s no surprise that Don Bacon would try to spread misinformation on his reckless vote against raising the debt ceiling – he knows that failure to do so threatens our country’s economic progress and puts millions of American workers and seniors at risk,” said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw. 


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