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ICYMI: George Santos Stands By Comparing Reproductive Freedom To Slavery

Meet one of New York’s most radical anti-choice extremists

Extremist George Santos is standing by his incendiary anti-abortion rights remarks – including comparing abortion to slavery. According to Santos, allowing women to access lifesaving and widely-supported abortion procedures means “we are going to be remembered as the most barbaric generation to ever live.”

Santos has repeatedly distinguished himself as the most strident anti-choice extremist in the New York GOP. He has expressed doubt about stories of rape survivors who seek abortions, and said that he wants to “eradicate” all abortions without “proven police documentation.”

He has already gone on the record to say he will vote for a national ban on abortion if elected to Congress, and to enact criminal punishment on doctors who perform them.

Even his campaign knows his remarks are inexcusable.

When offered an opportunity to clarify Santos’ stance on abortion rights or walk back some of his comments, Santos’ campaign manager, Charley Lovett, did not provide a direct answer.

DCCC Spokesperson Ian Clarke
“George Santos is a radical anti-choice ideologue, and his refusal to walk back this absurd rhetoric is beyond disturbing. His views on reproductive freedom makes him a danger to women and young girls on Long Island. We cannot allow Santos or his agenda into the halls of Congress.”

Read the key points below:

HuffPost: Long Island Republican Stands By Comments Comparing Abortion To Slavery

  • Even as Republicans across the country attempt to downplay and walk back their unpopular stances against abortion rights, George Santos is sticking to his staunch anti-abortion views and remarks.

  • Santos argued that future generations would frown upon abortion just as we now look down upon slavery. He claimed that “we are going to be remembered as the most barbaric generation to ever live” because of abortion’s legality.

  • In 2020, Santos declared his avowed opposition to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court, which recognized a constitutional right to an abortion.

  • Santos has said he would vote to ban abortion nationwide, and supports criminal charges for doctors who perform them.

  • Santos has also stated support for strict vetting of rape claims – only supporting abortions for survivors in an “extreme circumstance with proven police documentation.”

  • “Nowadays… you sleep with your partner you don’t like, you know you had a bad day, and you wake up pregnant, and like, ‘I was raped,’” Santos said. “That’s a little too loose.”

  • Santos’ campaign manager, Charley Lovett, declined to provide a direct answer to questions about these remarks, but instead claimed they were “irrelevant.”

  • Democrat Robert Zimmerman issued a statement to HuffPost in response: “George Santos represents the greatest threat to women and our democracy of any candidate running for Congress in New York state… This type of vile extremism and disrespect for women has no place in our country.”

  • The race between Santos and Zimmerman is very close, with Zimmerman leading Santos by one point among likely voters, with 14% undecided.


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