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ICYMI: GOP Candidate Karoline Leavitt Spreads Election Lies, Audit Fantasies

Leavitt Falsely Claims Trump “Won the Election”

Less than a week into announcing her run for Congress, NH-01 GOP candidate Karoline Leavitt is engaging in the same nasty, dangerous lies about the election that led to the violent storming of the Capitol on January 6th.

As reported by WMUR, in multiple interviews Leavitt has claimed, “President Trump won the election” and supported GOP members who voted against certifying the election results. Leavitt also told OANN that, “Every American should support audits.”

As Democrats continue to deliver for New Hampshire, the New Hampshire GOP is heading toward a dark, conspiratorial place. Every Republican should denounce these dangerous and destructive lies about the election.

Read the full report from WMUR here, highlights below:

  • Four days after announcing her 2022 candidacy for the state’s 1st Congressional District U.S. House seat, Republican Karoline Leavitt said Friday she believes her former boss, Donald Trump, won the 2020 presidential election.

  • Saturday morning update: This report originally stated that Leavitt believes Biden is legitimately the president. Leavitt clarified on Saturday: “I believe President Trump won the election, but I recognize that President Biden was certified, which is why I’m running for Congress — to fight against his agenda.”

  • Leavitt, a former part-time employee of WMUR, first commented that Trump “absolutely” won the presidential election in an interview Thursday with former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on his “War Room” podcast.

  • She doubled down Friday in an interview with WMUR’s New Hampshire Primary Source. Asked why she believes Trump won, Leavitt told us: “I believe, as millions of Americans across the country do, that there were irregularities and chaos across the country in the 2020 election due to the reforms that were made under the guise of pandemic precautions.”

  • We asked Leavitt is she believed the presidential election in New Hampshire was legitimate or fraudulent. “I believe there were irregularities across the country, and I believe if the American people, no matter what state they’re in, want audits, then there should be audits across the country because the American people deserve the truth and transparency.”

  • Leavitt told Bannon on Thursday, “We need audits like the one that’s happening in Arizona across the country.” Arizona Republicans are undertaking a controversial review of the 2020 election, while Republican lawmakers in Texas and Pennsylvania are attempting to force audits as well.

  • Asked for her personal opinion on whether such audits should take place, she said, “Yes, I think there should be audits. I think the audit in Windham provided the truth and transparency for the residents of the town of Windham, and that was great. That’s democracy at work. “There should be audits across the country if the American people in those cities, those towns, those municipalities want them,” she reiterated.

  • Leavitt told Bannon she supported Stefanik when the New York state congresswoman objected to the certification of the results of election in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan on Jan. 6.


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