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ICYMI: Hunter Clams Up After Bragging He’d “Killed Probably Hundreds Of Civilians”

At first Congressman Hunter bragged about how he’d “killed probably hundreds of civilians,” including “women and children, if there were any left in the city.” But when the San Diego Union Tribune asked Rep. Hunter’s office for an opportunity to discuss his comments about his time in Fallujah, Hunter declined to respond.

For the first time ever, it appears Duncan Hunter is listening to his lawyers.

A full transcript of Hunter’s comments can be found below.

Zero Blog Thirty: #170: Interview w/ Rep. Duncan Hunter on Eddie Gallagher’s Trial

May 28, 2019

[34:00] INTERVIEWER: “So you’re saying even if he did take a knife to the throat of this ISIS fighter, even though that goes against our rules of war…”

HUNTER: “Which I don’t think happened [cross-talk] I think this guy was going to die anyway. Because I’ve seen the video, once again.”

INTERVIEWER: “But even if, you don’t care?”

HUNTER: “I would still support him, yeah.”

INTERVIEWER: “It’s such a slippery slope, and it goes against our honors so egregiously if that is the case – and maybe it is or isn’t…”

HUNTER: “How do you judge me? So, I was an artillery officer and we fired hundreds of rounds into Fallujah, killed probably hundreds of civilians, scores of if not hundreds of civilians, probably killed women and children if there were any left in the city when we invaded. Do I get judged too?”



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