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ICYMI – Kevin McCarthy Fails to Control His Extremist Caucus

WaPo: McCarthy dials back early pledge to rein in Republicans who cross the line

“So much for action.” Despite Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s pledge to take action when his colleagues engage in racist rhetoric or dangerous behavior, McCarthy has let his extremist members run amok with no real consequence. 

From allowing Marjorie Taylor Greene to harass her colleagues, threatening and punishing members who tell the truth about the fatal January insurrection, and dismissing sex trafficking allegations against Matt Gaetz, “Leader” McCarthy has proven he has no intention to lead at all. 

In case you missed it…

Washington Post – So much for ‘action’: McCarthy dials back early pledge to rein in Republicans who cross the line as Gosar, others go unpunished

Key Points: 

  • This week, he had a chance to reprimand Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) for his association with Nicholas Fuentes, a political activist who has defended racial segregation and minimized the Holocaust. After Gosar served as the keynote speaker at a Fuentes event this year, the lawmaker’s image appeared on a fundraising invitation with the far-right activist. 

  • By Tuesday evening, the GOP leader called Gosar into his office and, after the Arizonan denied that the event was happening, McCarthy washed his hands of the matter. 

  • “He says he doesn’t have — that it’s not real. That he doesn’t have anything on his schedule,” McCarthy told reporters leaving his office. 

  • That fundraiser, regardless of whether it was ever planned, was the latest in a string of incidents with Gosar that have not provoked any real consequence.

  • In 2020, at the early peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Massie forced the House to come back into session to pass the $2 trillion Cares Act meant as a health-economic rescue package at a time when Pelosi and McCarthy did not want to risk calling several hundred lawmakers back to Washington, giving the risk of coronavirus infection.

  • Massie never faced discipline from McCarthy, was never pulled into the minority leader’s office for a stern lecture. “He’s only praised me recently,” Massie said Wednesday.

  • Two police officers met with McCarthy on Friday to discuss the events of Jan. 6 and implored him to denounce Gosar, Gohmert and other Republicans who tried to downplay what happened that day.

  • “We want accountability and justice,” Harry Dunn, a U.S. Capitol Police officer who faced the rioters on Jan. 6, told reporters after meeting McCarthy. “That’s what we’re looking for — and recognition for every officer that day.”

  • “As the leader of the House Republican Party, it’s important to hear those denouncements publicly,” said Michael Fanone, a D.C. police officer who responded to the insurrection.

  • Earlier that day, McCarthy told reporters that he would not talk publicly about his caucus members’ actions.

  • “I will not stand back as a leader of this party, believing in this nation, that all are created equal, that that stands or continues to stand and have any role with us,” McCarthy said just a week into the job.

  • That standard has changed, at least for Gosar and other Trump confidants.


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