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ICYMI: Madison Cawthorn Took Credit For Funding He Voted Against

After leaving North Carolinians out to dry by voting against the American Rescue Plan, Cawthorn is ‘happy’ to take credit

Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn (NC-11) took to social media yesterday to tout funding House Democrats and President Biden delivered for Cawthorn’s constituents in North Carolina’s Eleventh Congressional District through the American Rescue Plan – a bill he voted to block in Congress.

After voting against helping the people of North Carolina, Cawthorn says he is “happy” over $19 million in United States Department of Health and Human Services grants, funded by the American Rescue Plan, are returning to his constituents. So are Democrats in Congress – with no thanks to Cawthorn.

According to polling from Data for Progress, 69% of the American people support President Biden’s plan to get Americans back to work, reopen schools safely, get economic relief to families and communities, and cut childhood poverty in half. It’s no wonder Cawthorn and Republicans in the House and Senate are misleading their voters to take credit.

DCCC Spokesperson Chris Taylor:

“House Democrats are proud to deliver for the American people in Madison Cawthorn’s district after he left them out to dry by voting against the American Rescue Plan. It’s shameful that he’s misleading voters, but not surprising.”


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