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ICYMI: Maryott Doesn’t Want to Talk About Abortion, Throws in Lot With Conspiracy Theorists

Nationwide, GOP candidates are scared to talk about their deeply unpopular opinions on abortion rights, and Brian Maryott – who previously expressed support for a total nationwide abortion ban – is no exception. Maryott, however, is unafraid to let his extremism shine in other ways as he refuses to acknowledge the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

With his 2020 loss looming large over his current flailing campaign, Maryott is desperately attempting to walk the line between obfuscation and pandering.

Unfortunately for Maryott, local press has taken notice of his extremism and attempts to dodge questions. Read more from the San Diego Union-Tribune below:

San Diego Union-Tribune: Column: GOP candidate Maryott remains vague on national abortion ban, Biden election
JUNE 29, 2022

  • What Maryott doesn’t want to talk about is whether he would vote for a nationwide abortion ban in Congress, or if he thinks Biden was legitimately elected president. Before the June primary, Levin said he plans to challenge whoever his opponent is on both.

  • But some of his Republican colleagues are calling for a nationwide ban on abortion. Maryott wouldn’t say how he would vote on such a bill, despite being asked twice.

  • On abortion, Maryott appears to be following a national strategy for Republicans in swing districts. Vulnerable Republican incumbents were reluctant to discuss abortion-related legislation after the court overturned Roe, according to Politico.

  • Regarding Biden, Maryott wouldn’t say whether the 2020 presidential election was a settled matter. Trump continues to insist he was denied a second term because of voter fraud, a claim not only without foundation, but one that has been disproved by an Associated Press investigation.


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