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ICYMI – Mike Garcia Puts Extremist Conspiracy Theories Above Country

Los Angeles Times: Rep. Mike Garcia’s voting record: Will it be an obstacle to reelection?

A recent LA Times article highlighted Mike Garcia’s record of voting against the interests of his constituents while promoting conspiracy theories and pledging allegiance to the far-right. The LA Times explains how Mike Garcia dodged his votes to overturn the 2020 election results, against legalizing Dreamers, and against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Garcia is running away from his record just as the voters of his diverse, Biden-won congressional district are waking up to the fact that he does not represent their views.

In case you missed it…

LA Times: Rep. Mike Garcia’s voting record: Will it be an obstacle to reelection?

Key Highlights:


The congressman, whose district includes northern Los Angeles County, omitted other parts of his record: Voting against the certification of electoral votes in Pennsylvania and Arizona that helped cement Joe Biden’s presidential victory. Opposing the impeachment of President Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Standing against legalizing Dreamers and reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Cosponsoring legislation that would effectively ban all abortion and some forms of birth control.

Garcia, who won his seat by 333 votes in November, is up for reelection next year in what is expected to be among the most contested congressional races in the nation. Millions of dollars will likely be spent on the race because it will be key to determining which party controls the House.

Garcia’s portrayal of his record reflects the dichotomy he is straddling as he tries to keep his GOP base united and energized while not alienating the growing number of diverse, liberal voters in California’s 25th Congressional District.

A Republican who supports Garcia doesn’t agree with some of his votes but thinks the congressman is positioning himself to be a rising star if the GOP takes control of the House and he wins reelection….[Republican Lancaster mayor R. Rex] Parris disagrees with Garcia’s opposition to issues such as a path for permanent residency for young people brought into this country illegally, the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and the certification of the electoral college results in Arizona and Pennsylvania.


“He doesn’t care about his district. He cares about his base,” said Stephen Daniels, host of the Talk of Santa Clarita podcast.

Daniels is among the locals who say that Garcia has changed since he first ran for office in a campaign that leaned heavily on his biography as a native son of the district whose parents were Mexican immigrants. He was a fighter jet pilot who flew dozens of combat missions during the Iraq War and later worked in the defense industry.

Daniels found the candidate likable despite their opposing political views when they taped a podcast together early in his 2020 run.

“He struck me as a really nice guy, someone who is more about logic and looking at the facts than partisanship.” Daniels said, adding they developed a friendship and exchanged texts for a period. “That’s changed completely. He has voted as a Trump acolyte continually.”


Daniels is mystified by Garcia taking positions that will alienate the majority of his constituents.

“This District went for Biden by 10 points. And [Garcia] won by 333 votes,” Daniels said. “For Mike Garcia to not take that into account — what kind of district he’s got — makes me wonder if he wants to be in Congress. He’s not thinking very well. This is a purple district.”


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