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ICYMI – It Is Official! Rep. Devin Nunes Is A Certified Conspiracy Theorist

U.S. Justice Department Deems Nunes’ Number One Talking Point to Defend President Trump a Fabrication and an Official Conspiracy Theory

Earlier this week, one of Rep. Devin Nunes’s favorite talking points on President Trump’s involvement with the growing Ukrainian scandal was deemed a complete and total fabrication and labeled a conspiracy theory by prosecutors from the Justice Department.

Sadly, now that he is no longer Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, one of President Trump’s most sycophantic supporters in the House, Nunes has been forced to peddle his many conspiracies on a non-fact based network, FOX News.

With his nightly appearances, Nunes pushes false-narratives, red herrings and conspiracies and generally does all he can to sow doubt and confusion in order to defend the abusive and reckless actions of his closest ally, President Trump. But to believe the Nunes’ lies and spin at this point is to believe that every single news story printed or reported on is wrong unless he was the one interviewed. 

“While Nunes may want to reside in a political world where facts and the details don’t matter, the voters of CA-22 expect results. And the only fact that truly matters to the voters of the Central Valley is that between all the frivolous lawsuits and the FOX News cable hits by Nunes, Representative Nunes since being reelected has introduced a grand total of one bill this Congress and held zero town halls,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “Nunes can don his tin-foil hat all he wants, but the voters of the Central Valley are running out of patience and expecting results, not conspiracies.”


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