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ICYMI: Ohio 12 Race Moves to Tossup

In case you missed it, the race for Ohio 12 shifted toward Democrat Danny O’Connor and is rated one of the most competitive congressional races in the country.

Inside Elections now rates the race as a tossup, a move in O’Connor’s favor from tilt Republican after O’Connor raised $6 million in the third quarter of 2018 and was endorsed for a second time by the conservative leaning Columbus Dispatch.

Since the August 7 special election, which O’Connor narrowly lost by 1,680 votes, the campaign has registered a large group of new voters, including through re-registering and new registrants on college campuses.

From Inside Elections:

“Ohio’s 12th District (Troy Balderson, R, elected 50% in Aug special election). Trump 53%. Democrat Danny O’Connor raised $6 million in the last quarter, which includes $2.3 million since the early August special election. The congressman hasn’t been in office long enough to enjoy the benefits of higher name I.D. and won’t be the sole focus of the national Republican Party. Move from Tilt R to Toss-up.”

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