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ICYMI: Perennial OC GOP Candidate Young Kim Uses Shady Fundraising Firm – The Pluvious Group – Involved in Money Laundering Plot

Kim Fundraisers’ Event at Center of Federal Probe on Foreign Influence in the Trump Campaign

Last week, Orange County GOP candidate Young Kim held a Beverly Hills fundraiser in her second failed Congressional bid for California’s 39th District using a fundraising firm, the Pluvious Group, with a history of money laundering and other shady practices.

In 2016, Pluvious was at the center of a money-laundering plot that “allowed the original donors to conceal their identities in filings and avoid exceeding campaign contribution limits,” for a former California State legislator, Tony Strickland. The Pluvious Group “ran the Strickland campaign, setting up many of the illegal donations,” and according to California’s Fair Political Practices Commission “all the parties involved, including Strickland, were aware of the money laundering plot.”

In 2018, Pluvious was involved in a Federal probe regarding a more than suspicious breakfast event that Pluvious organized at President Trump’s D.C. Hotel. The breakfast was part of a Federal criminal “investigation into whether foreigners contributed money to the Trump inaugural fund and PAC by possibly using American intermediaries.”

Now, Young Kim is using this same shady fundraising operation to prop-up her second failed attempt bid for Congress.

“When Young Kim isn’t failing to pay her Federal taxes or making false disclosures for her supposed small business, Kim is using a fundraising operation with a history of money laundering and ties to suspicious criminal elements in the Trump world,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “None of this should come as a total surprise though, as Young Kim is a creature of Trump’s Washington Swamp.”


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