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ICYMI: Poll Shows Absentee Barbara Comstock More Vulnerable than Ever

In case you missed it, a recently released poll shows absentee Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, dragged down by Speaker Paul Ryan’s anemic approval rating and her own out of step voting record, losing 39% to 48% to a generic Democrat in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Comstock has faced backlash in her district for refusing to answer her constituents or hold a single public town hall during her more than 1,000 days in office. She has also tied herself to Paul Ryan and his deeply unpopular agenda, including backing his tax plan that punishes working families in her district.

Despite spending nearly a decade running for office and appearing on voters’ ballots, Barbara “No Comment” Comstock still fails to outpace any Democratic opposition.

DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters released the following statement:

“After spending nearly a decade running for office, refusing to answer to her constituents, and backing Speaker Ryan’s plan to hike taxes on working families in her district, it is no surprise to see that Barbara Comstock fails to outperform any Democrat. Virginia’s missing Congresswoman is more vulnerable than ever.”

The poll found that Paul Ryan’s approval in the 10th District was 20%, with a whopping 71% of voters disapproving.

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