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ICYMI: Republicans Called Out for Lies in Latest Ohio Ad

GOP lies against Greg Landsman deemed “nonsense

Only weeks into the 2024 election cycle, Republicans are already getting called out for lying to Ohio voters in their latest false attack ads.

local fact check – which also calls out the fact these ads are being funded by dark money GOP groups who “rarely let facts get in the way” – calls out Republicans for trying to flip the script and falsely attack Democrats for potential cuts to Medicare.

In reality, it’s only been Republicans who have recently put forward plans to enact damaging reforms and cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Reminder: Critical swing districts in Ohio decisively rejected Republican lies and extremism at the ballot last November, and this latest fact check makes clear that they won’t start letting Republicans get away with having Big Pharma dark money groups spread their blatant lies anytime soon.

“Republicans know they can’t rely on their actual record to win, so they’re desperately spewing lies with Big Pharma’s dark money to distract voters from their own dangerous and unpopular agenda,” said DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre. “The truth is clear: Republicans are a serious threat to necessary programs like Social Security and Medicare, while Democrats like Greg Landsman are working to protect them.”


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