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ICYMI: Walt Blackman Blocks Vote on Equal Rights Amendment out of ‘Support’ for Women

State Rep. Walt Blackman, GOP candidate for AZ-01, blocked a vote to ratify the equal rights amendment in Arizona this week out of his ‘support’ for women and their accomplishments.

Reminder: the ERA would guarantee equal rights for all people regardless of sex, ensuring that women have equal protection under the law.

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Arizona Daily Star: Arizona House Republicans again block vote on ERA 

House Republicans have once again blocked a vote over whether Arizona should ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

On a party-line vote Wednesday, lawmakers voted down a motion by Rep. Judy Schweibert, D-Phoenix, to bring the measure directly to the floor for a vote.

Rep. Walt Blackman, R-Snowflake, pointed out that 24 of the 60 state representatives are women. He cited other women in positions of authority, including the new state adjutant general.

“So I would like to explain my vote by saying ‘no’ because I want to talk about the accomplishments of women, the accomplishments of each and every woman in this chamber and their hard work to get here,’’ Blackman said, adding, “(you) earned the right to be here because of your ability, not because of your gender.’’


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