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ICYMI: Zeldin, Garbarino Voted ‘No’ on the American Rescue Plan, Now They’re Saying ‘Yes’ to the Dough

Long Island’s Republican Congressmen Take Victory Lap After Failing Their Constituents…Democrats Delivered

Voted no, took the dough: that’s Long Island Reps. Lee Zeldin and Andrew Garbarino who joined Washington Republicans in voting against the American Rescue Plan but are now taking credit after Democrats delivered for their constituents.

In case you missed it, the New York Post is reporting both Zeldin and Garbarino — just like Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn — are lining up for the dough Democrats delivered in the American Rescue Plan:

“Long Island GOP Reps. Lee Zeldin and Andrew Garbarino took a victory lap after the MTA and Long Island Railroad announced they would reverse service cuts, despite the lawmakers voting against the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that made the service restoration possible.”

Don’t expect Washington Republicans like Zeldin and Garbarino to stop taking credit for the impact of the American Rescue Plan, especially with March jobless numbers blowing past economists’ predictions and widespread support for the relief bill among the American people 

DCCC Spokesperson Chris Taylor:

“Reps. Zeldin and Garbarino left their constituents out to dry by voting against the American Rescue Plan. Now Zeldin and Garbarino want credit for doing nothing. Too bad for them, Long Islanders can spot phony down a city block. Democrats in Congress delivered real relief, Zeldin and Garbarino sat on their hands.” 


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