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In NRCC Video, Scheller Lies About Her Record of Shipping Job Overseas, Aligning with Communist China

Scheller’s GOP opponent previously said of her: “She’s [Scheller] invested in China instead of the United States. That’s not fighting for Pennsylvania. That’s not America first.”

The NRCC is working overtime to prop up struggling Lisa Scheller in PA-07 – and having Scheller lie straight to camera after she barely won her GOP primary despite substantial establishment backing.

Scheller: “Pennsylvania is where I’ve kept my manufacturing business.”

This isn’t the whole story. Scheller has cut and outsourced Pennsylvania jobs to China and lied about it for years.

Scheller – who opposed billions in infrastructure investments here at home – has partnered with the Communist Party of China to build roads in China as she builds Silberline’s [Scheller’s company] new manufacturing plant in China, set to open next year.

Scheller’s own GOP opponent even called her out for her connections to Communist China.

James Singer, DCCC Spokesperson:

“Here is the truth this video is attempting to scrub over – Lisa Scheller is a failed retread candidate who has spent her career shipping jobs overseas and aligning with the Chinese Communist Party to enrich herself at the expense of the Lehigh Valley.”


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