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INQUIRER: ‘I Will Not Vote’ For Trump, Jefferson Van Drew Vowed In A Voicemail Leaked Four Days Before Trump Rally In His District

In an explosive, yet unsurprising, turn of events, Jefferson Van Drew is again exposed as a fraud. In a voicemail obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, newly minted Republican Jefferson Van Drew emphatically declared that he would not vote for Donald Trump.

Van Drew clearly identifies himself in the November 30th voicemail and says of Trump, “I haven’t voted for him, I didn’t support him, I will not vote for him.” Van Drew also says he wants to “just beat [Trump] and move on” and reiterates “I’d want to just beat him in a normal election.”

The voicemail was recorded less than three weeks before Van Drew pledged his “undying loyalty” to Donald Trump and was leaked just four days before the President is set to visit the district.

That’s quite a shift.

REMINDER: Van Drew’s own internal polling showed voters wanted a new representative by a 17% margin. And just today the DCCC started running targeted digital ads hitting Van Drew on Trump’s most recent proposed Medicare cuts.

“If Jefferson Van Drew’s crisis of character has taught us one thing, it’s that he’s loyal to no one and will do or say whatever will protect him in any given moment,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “He’s duped his voters and now he’s duping the White House and the Republican party. He cannot be trusted.”


‘I will not vote’ for Trump, Jeff Van Drew vowed in a voicemail. Then he pledged ‘undying support’ for the president.
by Pranshu Verma | January 24, 2020

Three weeks before New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew cemented his defection to the Republican Party with a pledge of “undying support” for President Donald Trump, he sent a constituent a very different message.

“I haven’t voted for him, I didn’t support him, I will not vote for him,” Van Drew said of Trump in a Nov. 30 voicemail to a voter in his South Jersey district.

Addressing his opposition to impeaching Trump, which ultimately led to his break from the Democratic Party, Van Drew said: “I’d rather just beat him in a normal election.”

The message, which was obtained Friday by The Inquirer, came only two weeks before a private White House meeting where he finalized his plans to switch parties. The emergence of the voicemail comes just days before Van Drew is set to fly with Trump on Air Force One to a rally in Wildwood, which Van Drew hopes will help gin up support for him in the Republican primary.


Gwen Meade, the Margate voter who was the recipient of Van Drew’s voicemail after she sent him a message through his website, said she was surprised to hear back from him.

“I think that this is a man who may not know his own mind,” Meade said Friday. “Cognitive dissonance. I don’t know if he’s experiencing that, but I am. And I don’t think I’m alone.”


“Regardless of what we do, the Senate is not gonna find him guilty, they’ve already said they’re gonna find him innocent,” Van Drew said of impeachment in the voicemail. “When they do, he is still gonna be the president, he is still gonna be the presidential candidate. But now, he is going to be able to say to everybody that he is innocent and that he didn’t do anything wrong whatsoever. And that’s gonna help him. It’s just gonna help him with his base and it’s gonna help him with a lot of people.”



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