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Inside Congressman McCaul’s Washington Rescue Mission

McCaul’s new hotshot D.C. consultant brings CNN to Texas to showcase his efforts to save the unknown congressman’s skin

Congressman McCaul’s new Washington hotshot consultant Corry Bliss really wants you to know who he is.

That’s why he pitched a national profile showcasing his efforts to reinvigorate the unknown congressman’s campaign while portraying McCaul – his new client – as a man in a ton of trouble and without a clue… but for Bliss’ efforts. Great idea!

The campaign’s two main contentions on McCaul’s newfound strength? McCaul just had his “best fundraising quarter ever” and his campaign laughably claims a cutting-edge field organizing program.

A closer look reveals McCaul’s fundraising quarter was propped up by PACs and Washington special interests and the congressman raised a whopping 0.6 percent of his cash from grassroots donors.

As for the McCaul campaign’s hyped-up field organizing program, it’s pure political theater: recycled talking points from Bliss’ 2018 misadventure of blowing $150 million and losing 40 GOP-held seats.

In fact, here’s what CNN found during their recent visit to TX-10:

According to a copy of McCaul’s schedule of the past two weeks obtained by CNN, the congressman had one door-knocking event but canceled it. When CNN toured the block, which included a home hoisting a Trump flag out front, a couple potential voters said they didn’t recognize McCaul’s name, but they would vote for him so long that he was Republican.”

To this point, the Mike McCaul reelection effort is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

But in closing, we’ll use one of McCaul’s quotes to CNN: “Ignorance is bliss.”


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