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Is the ‘Q’ in QAnon Jumping in the AZ-01 Race?

Ron Watkins Files Paperwork for Arizona’s First Congressional District

As if the GOP candidates in Arizona’s First District weren’t extreme enough, it appears the ‘Q’ in QAnon is jumping in the already crowded race for AZ-01.

Ron Watkins, a well known QAnon conspiracy promoter who is believed to have posted as ‘Q’, filed paperwork today to run for Congress in AZ-01.  

And he’s in good company – other candidates include an insurrectionist-sympathizer who said having the Proud Boys at his event was “one of the proudest moments of my life” and another candidate who criticized members of his own party for failing to “Stop the Steal.”

“Just when you think the GOP candidates in AZ-01 can’t get any more extreme, a literal QAnon ring leader jumps in the race,” said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw. 


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