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Jack “Snowbird” Bergman Just Really Wants His Cajun Coffee, Ok?

In a piece that ran in the Petoskey News-Review over the weekend, Jack Bergman was asked about allegations that he doesn’t actually plan to live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula very long:


“Bergman declared himself a “snowbird,” saying he and his wife escape the cold winters in the north to Louisiana.

‘I know the term ‘snowbird’ scares people,’ he said. ‘The bottom line is, let’s face it I worked hard my entire life and we have a little place we get away to where if we want to have a cup of coffee outside (in the winter months) we can.’”


This comes after Bergman was forced to admit that he’d attended school board meetings in Louisiana as recently as this year, maintains a Louisiana checking account, and is still a member of a Louisiana advisory council, holding a position given to him by former Gov. Bobby Jindal.


“We already knew that Jack Bergman does not share Northern Michiganders’ values for his belief ‘we need to privatize’ Social Security, and now we know it’s probably in part because doesn’t even live there,” said DCCC spokeswoman Sacha Haworth. “Bergman should be happy to learn he’ll have a lot of time to drink coffee on his porch when he loses this election.”

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