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Jarome Bell (VA-02) Takes the Stage With Trump At Mar-a-Lago

Is a Trump endorsement coming for “America First” candidate Jarome Bell in VA-02?

The Republican primary in VA-02 was already bruising – and it’s only going to get more contentious after one of the candidates took the stage with former president Donald Trump.

Last night, “America First” candidate Jarome Bell, who is best known for calling for the execution of people involved in voter fraud, appeared at Mar-a-Lago with the former president. Trump invited him up on stage and promised to take a look at the VA-02 primary after Bell mentioned he was running against “RINO Jen Kiggans” [starts at 34:15].

The appearance of Bell with former president Trump is a huge blow to Jen Kiggans, who has been fielding attacks from her own party in Virginia and continues to miss out on key endorsements. A few weeks ago Bell locked in the endorsement of Turning Point Action, the Charlie Kirk-headed conservative group, and was also endorsed by Rep. Bob Good (VA-05), the only endorsement any of the sitting Virginia congressional Republicans have made in the VA-02 primary.

“Republicans are in disarray in VA-02 as they’re faced with only losing options in this tough primary,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “Between a far-right conspiracy theorist who has called for executing his political opponents, and a politician whose anemic campaign has completely failed to launch, Virginia Republicans don’t have anyone who will stand a chance against Elaine Luria this November.”


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