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Jason Lewis Now Not Just “Mini Trump” But “Minnesota’s Todd Akin”

GOP frontrunner and bombastic woman-hater Jason Lewis has already been dubbed “Minnesota’s Mr. Right” by the local Tea Party. Now he can add “Mini-Trump” and “Minnesota’s Todd Akin” to his list of nicknames he can boast over.
Lewis was called “Mini Trump” just a few days ago for mirroring the presidential frontrunner’s unapologetic manner and history of insulting commentary against women, immigrants, and minorities, turning off members of his own party, including outgoing Congressman John Kline.

Then that same week, a prominent Minnesota journalist named Lewis as “Minnesota’s Todd Akin” for defending the former Missouri senatorial candidate’s outrageous remarks about “legitimate rape,” saying “consensual acts of sex later turn into allegations of rape “all the time.”

With remarks like these, it’s no wonder Minnesota republicans tried desperately in vain to get him out of the race, promoting other candidates and condemning his past remarks. And no wonder that Lewis has now scrubbed more than twenty years of archives form his radio show and podcasts – and that, far from uniting Minnesota Republicans, he’s now in a three-way primary between a failed senatorial candidate and proud outsourcer of Minnesota jobs.

“Unfortunately for Minnesota 2nd District families, rather than run from these monikers, Jason Lewis will likely mount them as trophies on his wall of bigotry,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC. “We’re confident Minnesotans know how to deal with Lewis’s Trump brand of politics, and that is to elect Angie Craig to Congress in November.”

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