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Jeff Denham Doubles Down on Support for Anti-Immigrant Misogynist Bully


On the first day of his campaign, Donald Trump suggested Mexican immigrants were drug dealers, criminals, and rapists. For the past 14 months, Trump has spewed racism, hatred, and demonstrated that he cannot be trusted as Commander-in-Chief.

That’s why the Modesto Bee’s editorial board called out Denham for his support for the nominee and Denham’s repeated refusal to comment further.

Denham’s response? Doubling down on his support for his party’s toxic nominee.

The 10th congressional district is considered one of the most competitive in the nation and is nearly 30% Latino. A recent poll showed that 61% of the district views Trump unfavorably and Clinton leads him by seven points.

“Millionaire Jeff Denham doubling down on his support for billionaire Donald Trump is no surprise,” said Barb Solish of the DCCC. “Denham and Trump have worked closely together in the past and Denham would be a rubber stamp for Trump’s reckless and divisive agenda. Central Valley voters will reject both Trump and his friend Denham at the ballot box in November.”

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