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John Duarte Falls in Line Behind Trump and Votes for Extreme Conspiracy Theorist Jim Jordan for Speaker

John Duarte voted today for MAGA extremist Jim Jordan for speaker in the chaotic, ongoing GOP leadership fight. This follows Donald Trump’s endorsement of Jordan earlier this month.

Duarte had every opportunity to embrace a bipartisan governing coalition, but chose to enable their MAGA colleagues instead.

Thanks to John Duarte, speaker candidate Jim Jordan has been given the greenlight to push an extreme, dangerous agenda that:

  • Repeals investments that are creating good-paying jobs and reinvigorating American manufacturing.

DCCC Spokesperson Dan Gottlieb:

“By voting for Jim Jordan, John Duarte has once again given in to the most extreme fringes of his party and embraced an agenda of promoting conspiracy theories, taking away women’s reproductive freedom, and defunding law enforcement. Californians will resoundingly reject this MAGA extremism next year in favor of Democrats’ focus on expanding the middle class and protecting our freedoms.”


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