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Does John Faso Trust Trump with the Nation’s Nuclear Codes?

Since John Faso likes to “talk tough” foreign policy, it’d be fair to ask him whether he trusts his party’s nominee, Donald Trump, with the nuclear codes.

A quick refresher: Donald Trump has said he “loves war” and claims to “know more about ISIS than the generals do.” He has said that “nuclear, the power, the devastation, is very important to [him]” and that he “want[s] to be unpredictable.”

Given those shockingly dangerous and strongly-held positions, it is Faso’s duty as a congressional candidate to answer a simple question of his standard-bearer: Can Donald Trump be trusted with our nation’s nuclear codes?

“Standing up to Donald Trump and his dangerous national security positions is a matter of war, a matter of safety, and – truly – could be a matter of life and death. Faso’s failure to speak out against Trump’s disturbing national security positions is an abdication of leadership and demonstrates that he continues to put party loyalty over the safety of our country. Why should Faso be trusted to independently stand up for the Hudson Valley?” asked Bryan Lesswing at the DCCC.

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