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John Faso’s Broken Promise on Pre-Existing Conditions

“Will you commit today to voting against any health care plan that allows for coverage discrimination against or, and I emphasize this, price increases for people with pre-existing conditions?” Emily asked…“Yes, yes, yes,” Faso replied. –April 14, 2017

That was then. Now, Representative John Faso is all in on the Republicans’ repeal and ripoff health care bill that would undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

In addition to putting protections for pre-existing conditions at risk and allowing insurance companies to charge women more for the same health care, it would result in 24 million Americans losing their health insurance, impose an unfair age tax on older Americans, and raise premiums.

But Faso is already familiar with its terrible consequences—he made headlines earlier in the year by casting the deciding vote to pass the failed Republican repeal bill out of the House Budget committee.

“The original disastrous bill Representative Faso voted for took health care away from 24 million Americans and now that it rips away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, it’s far worse,” said DCCC spokesman Evan Lukaske. “Faso recently promised his constituents that he would not remove these vital protections from people with asthma, diabetes and other diseases – but apparently his far-right agenda and blind loyalty to party bosses is more important than the well-being of New York families. This broken promise is morally bankrupt, and he will be held accountable by the voters in his district.”  

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