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Justin Fareed’s Mentor Resigns After Ethics Investigation

Will Fareed Return Tainted Donations?

Republican Justin Fareed likes to boast about his time in Congressman Ed Whitfield’s DC office to pad his slim resume. But yesterday Whitfield announced he will resign next week after a House Ethics Committee investigation found Whitfield guilty of violating House rules.

Fareed has also been dogged by ethics concerns, including a lack of transparency in his personal financial disclosure forms and questionable fundraising practices.

Whitfield has not only endorsed Fareed publicly, he donated $10,000 to his congressional campaigns. Given Whitfield’s new troubles, will Fareed explain his role in the investigation? Will he come clean and return the tainted money?

“Republican Justin Fareed thinks the rules don’t apply to him, something he clearly learned from his scandal-ridden DC boss Congressman Whitfield,” said Barb Solish of the DCCC. “Fareed needs to explain to voters if he had any role in the Whitfield investigation and should return his tainted donations immediately.”

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