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Katko Backs Trump As Trade War Wages On

John Katko Sides with Trump on Tariffs Despite Real Impact on Hardworking Central New Yorkers

From groceries to cars to medical equipment, life is about to get a lot more expensive for people across Central New York thanks to the Trump Administration’s new tariffs on Mexican goods, and John Katko is all for it.

The tariffs will be passed down to U.S. consumers who purchase goods imported from Mexico, and economists have warned about the potential impact of the tariffs.

Tariffs can have an enormous impact in New York, which is a top producer of many agricultural products and one of the largest manufacturing states in the nation, but apparently, that doesn’t faze Congressman John Katko.

Trade wars are infringing on sales of crops, steel and other products made in the state and exported across the globe directly impacting New York suppliers, farmers and manufacturers.

Following the Administration’s announcement last week, Senator Chuck Grassley immediately slammed the tariffs, calling them “a misuse of presidential tariff authority.” Since that time, more Republicans have also opposed Trump’s plan.

But not John Katko. The Congressman, who represents a large rural community, believes “action should be taken.”

“Hardworking people across Central New York don’t want to be collateral damage in Donald Trump’s ill-advised trade war, and they deserve a representative who will stand up for them. John Katko continues to show that when the rubber meets the road, he’ll side with Trump every time,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett.


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