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Katko Protested By Constituents Over His Indifference Towards Trump Family Separation Policy

Dozens Gathered to Protest Katko’s Lack of Leadership and Silence on Major Issues

John Katko’s having a rough August.

First, FiveThirtyEight reported that the vulnerable Republican may be the next Republican to call it quits.

Then, local news outlets began to question if the besieged Congressman was sticking around.

And now, fed-up constituents are protesting Katko for his indifference towards Donald Trump’s cruel family separation policy.


When Katko does issue a rare comment on the Trump Administration’s distressing treatment of children, he’s been dismissive and inaccurate. Last month, in a Facebook interview with The Citizen, John Katko claimed that “the whole child separation thing is not really what’s going on down there.”

REMINDER: As of last December, the Trump Administration reported separating at least 2,737 children from their parents at the border, with later reports estimating the number even higher. And just last month, the ACLU found that the Trump Administration has continued separating families despite a court order to end the practice, removing at least 900 more children from their parents.

Following Congressman Katko’s inaccurate claim that child separations aren’t really happening, his constituents gathered outside his office to demand accountability from the vulnerable Congressman.

“Between rumors of retirement and protests outside his office, Congressman John Katko’s August is off to a pretty rough start, and he’s not making it any better with his offensive comments about family separation” DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett said. “Katko is losing the confidence and support of Central New Yorkers and faces a brutal re-election campaign. He can say what he wants, but he knows it’s time to go.”


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