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Katko’s Shook: Rough August Makes National Republicans Nervous

Sitting Congressman Spends August Answering Questions About His 2020 Chances, Facing Constituent Protests, And Quietly Accepting Help From Conservative Washington Republican Leadership  

Between retirement rumors, protests, and having his terrible voting record on taxes displayed across Syracuse, August was pretty rough for Congressman John Katko.

As a reminder…

Retirement Rumors
FiveThirtyEight reported that the vulnerable Republican may be the next Republican to call it quits, and local news outlets began to question if the besieged Congressman was sticking around.

John Katko spent his precious time on talk radio defensively responding to the retirement rumors:

“It’s a non-story, it’s just an attempt, a desperate attempt by Democrats to stir up some nonsense here. Actually, quite frankly, I take it as a compliment, because that means they’re worried about my race, and desperately trying to get me to go bye bye…”

Despite Katko’s claims that retirement rumors are a “non-story,” National Republicans seem to be signaling something completely different.

The National Republican Campaign Committee, which added Katko to its list of most vulnerable Republicans in the House, went on defense – further indicating that they believe John Katko’s in trouble.

Fed-up constituents protested outside Katko’s office calling on him to do something about Donald Trump’s cruel family separation policy. This protest came after Katko made offensive comments belittling the issue of family separation during a Facebook Live interview.

Tax Scam
John Katko couldn’t escape from his 2017 vote for the GOP Tax Scam.

The DCCC unveiled a mobile billboard and digital ad highlighting Congressman John Katko’s vote for the bill. The Tax Scam raised taxes on thousands of New Yorkers by capping the state and local tax deduction. Katko had to face his harmful vote as the mobile billboard parked outside of his office and circulated in downtown Syracuse.

Secret High Dollar Fundraiser
Steve Scalise, one of the House’s most partisan Members, slipped into Syracuse for an exclusive, high-dollar fundraiser. Scalise headlined a $1000-a-head fundraiser to bolster Katko’s campaign, though Katko did not promote his appearance with the conservative Republican caucus leader.

Seems like Republicans are, in fact, worried about holding this seat.

“Congressman Katko spent August denying retirement rumors, ducking constituents, and flying in a highly partisan, conservative Washington Republican to curry favors with donors,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “It’s clear that Katko’s on the ropes. 2020 won’t end well for him.”


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