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Kean Jr. Silent as Long-Time Donor Bob Hugin Jilts New Jerseyans, Cancer Patients

Former Celgene CEO Gifted Kean Jr. Big Bucks While Jacking Up Rx Drug Prices

Since 2006, Kean Jr. has accepted more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from Celgene CEO Bob Hugin and his family, all while Celgene allegedly blocked generic drug competition and raked in millions by raising the prices of life-saving medication for cancer patients.

Kean Jr’s  political patrons at Celgene jilted the sick and elderly again, backing out of a $55 million settlement of a class action lawsuit that would have provided restitution to thousands of patients harmed by the company’s price fixing schemes.

Is Tom Kean, Jr. going to return his dirty money?

“Tom Kean, Jr.  needs to return these contributions immediately, or explain to voters why he’s filling his campaign war chest with money made on the backs of New Jersey’s sick and most vulnerable,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “He can’t have it both ways; he’s either with the hardworking voters of New Jersey or with drug manufacturers and the company CEOs filling his campaign coffers.”


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