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Kean Jr. Top Supporter Rep. Stefanik Echoed Racist “Replacement Theory” in Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto

Kean Jr. should repudiate Stefanik and return her donations

The Buffalo mass shooter, who targeted Black people, listed the “great replacement theory” in his disgusting manifesto.

The great replacement theory has inspired white nationalists and Neo-Nazis in America and around the world – and Kean Jr’s top supporter Elise Stefanik, who he just held a fundraiser with 12 days ago.

Tom Kean celebrated Stefanik as a “bold leader and advocate for conservative values” – does he still believe that? 

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer

“Tom Kean Jr. can choose to be on the right side or the wrong side of history. He should speak out forcefully against his supporter’s racist, antisemitic conspiracy theory and return every cent he’s taken from her.”


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