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Kevin Yoder Skips Town Early Without Addressing Emergencies, Basic Government Functions

a similar release went out to targeted districts across the country

Kevin Yoder Skips Town Early Without Addressing Emergencies, Basic Government Functions

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives closed up shop today – a day earlier than originally planned – to get an early start on their seven-week (!!) summer recess, leaving critical work left undone.

“Career politician Kevin Yoder just rewarded himself with a seven-week vacation after failing to do his job,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law.

The House has now gone home for a seven-week recess without passing most of the things on their “must pass” list:

  • Budget – Paul “Budget Guy” Ryan began his Speakership pledging to pass a budget and return the House to “regular order.” Instead, the House blew through its statutory deadline and failed to pass a budget this year – something even ousted Speaker Boehner was able to accomplish.
  • Appropriations – The House is expected to pass twelve appropriations bills each year. These provide funding for the basic functions of government. And yet again, House Republicans are on track to resort to a so-called “continuing resolution” that simply copies and pastes from previous years because he isn’t willing to stand up to the extreme members of his conference.
  • No Fly, No Buy – Democrats have been pushing hard for a simple up-or-down vote on bipartisan legislation to prevent suspects on the FBI’s terror watch list from purchasing firearms. House Republicans have voted nearly two dozen times to block even the consideration of this measure and Speaker Ryan refuses to follow Senate Republicans’ lead and at least bring it to the floor for a vote.
  • Zika – This very real public health threat has been growing rapidly in the southern United States, yet Republicans in Congress refused to pass bipartisan legislation to adequately fund response efforts and politicized the issue by placing riders on the Zika bill to block critical women’s health services. As evidence of the irresponsibility of this failure to address Zika, mosquito season will be nearly over by the time the House comes back into session in September.

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