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KEY VOTE ALERT: McClintock Votes to Slash Medicare & Social Security to Pay for the Deficits their Tax Scam Created

Republican assault on Medicare & Social Security will continue to play central role in the midterms

Rep. Tom McClintock, as a member of the Budget Committee, voted last night to advance an extremely harsh, partisan budget that slashes Social Security, Medicare, infrastructure investments, and many other popular programs.

“It seems like Rep. McClintock is always looking for new and cynical ways to make healthcare more expensive and retirement less secure for hardworking Americans,” said DCCC Spokesperson Amanda Sherman. “It’s hard to imagine anything more morally bankrupt than ballooning our deficits through handouts to billionaires and corporations and then forcing a budget through that slashes Medicare and Social Security to pay for it. Voters are well aware that House Republicans are scamming them, and they’re rightfully outraged about what it means for their bottom line.”

Budget Lowlights:

  • $537 billion in cuts to Medicare
    • Increases the eligibility age from 65 to 67
  • ~ $4 billion in cuts to Social Security
  • $231 billion cut to student loan programs
    • The Pell Grant Program is the foundation of federal student aid Proposes to lower the program’s maximum award and decrease eligibility
  • Cuts $59 billion in mandatory spending on veterans’ benefits over the next ten years

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