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What To Know About Susan Wild’s Republican Opponent Marty Nothstein

What To Know About Susan Wild’s Republican Opponent Marty Nothstein

Marty Nothstein managed to survive an incredibly close Republican primary, and he now faces a very strong competitor in Susan Wild. After a primary that pulled him to the right, Nothstein now will have to explain his strong support of President Trump and Republicans’ toxic agenda, and his ethically challenged record, to general election voters of Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

“As voters in Pennsylvanian’s 7th Congressional District learn more about Marty Nothstein, it will become abundantly clear that his loyalty lies with powerful special interests, his hyperpartisan party leaders and President Trump, and not hardworking families in the Leigh Valley,” DCCC Spokesperson Amanda Sherman.

Marty Nothstein’s True Colors:

  • Bought in hook, line, and sinker to the Republican’s toxic agenda to explode the deficit to give handouts to big corporations and disastrous attempt to rip away health care from Pennsylvanian’s. [Morning Call, 4/7/18].
  • Had to return a donation from one of Leigh County’s biggest contractors after being accused of violating the pay-to-play law [WFMZ, 4/26/18]
  • Afraid of talking with hardworking Pennsylvanian, Nothstein breaks his word, insults local non-partisan women’s group, and whines about voters finally being able to pick their representatives [Morning Call, 4/23/18]
  • Took advantage of his neighbor’s home being foreclosed on to acquire enough land to get a tax break, and showed exactly where his priorities lie – enriching himself. [Morning Call, 3/20/18].

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