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LA Times: Yvette Herrell Represents a Continued Threat to American Democracy

Each chilling congressional hearing from the House Jan. 6 committee reveals the assault on our democracy Americans witnessed on that dark day is far from over. Elected representatives who intentionally undermined our democratic institutions for political gain continue to push dangerous conspiracy at voters’ expense.

Today, the LA Times slammed Congresswoman Yvette Herrell for her complicity in pushing voter fraud conspiracies, as New Mexicans endure continued attacks against their democratic rights.

“Yvette Herrell has proven she has no respect for New Mexicans’ votes and will happily throw them out if she doesn’t get her way,” said DCCC spokesperson Maddy Mundy. “Our democracy will not be safe until dangerous extremists like Herrell are voted out of office.”

Read more about Yvette Herrell’s shameful history promoting anti-democratic conspiracies:

The Los Angeles Times: Essential Politics: New Mexico shows Trump’s false voter fraud conspiracy is not going away
By Erin B. Logan
June 22, 2022

  • In 2018, Republican Yvette Herrell alleged that she had lost her race to represent a House district that included Otero to a Democrat due to voter fraud. Herrell claimed absentee ballots, which overrode her lead, were irregular. Her campaign, which did not respond to a request for comment, said it had collected “over 100 documented complaints” and even issued a 44-page report to back up Herrell’s claims.

  • In campaign ads during a 2020 rematch, months before Trump’s conspiracy theory gained national prominence, Herrell claimed she had actually won the 2018 election “but the Democrats took it away.”

  • “If liberals can’t beat us, they’ll cheat us,” she said in a Facebook ad. After Trump lost, Herrell told Fox News she could empathize with Trump.

  • Herrell won her 2020 rematch by fewer than 20,000 votes over the incumbent, now-former Rep. Xochitl Torres Small.


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