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Why is Lee Zeldin Working with The Oath Keepers, A Rightwing Militia Group?

Congressman Lee Zeldin has some serious explaining to do after meeting with the Long Island Oath Keepers last Friday (and not for the first time either). The Oath Keepers are an extremist rightwing group – notorious among other things for fearing the federal government more than terrorists, espousing anti-government conspiracy theories involving martial law and anti-American concentration camps. Their founder even compared Hillary Clinton to Hitler and Mao and called John McCain a traitor  who “should be hung by the neck until dead.”

Here are just a few of the questions Zeldin needs to answer for all of his constituents after repeatedly associating with a group flagged by Southern Poverty Law Center as “particularly worrisome.”

  • Most importantly – what exactly is he doing associating with this group in the first place?

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