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Liars Unite: Sean Spicer Joins Malliotakis for Fundraiser

Washed-Up Washington Operative Props Up Lobbyist Malliotakis

If it’s a day that ends in Y, you can bet a Washington insider is traveling to Staten Island to raise money for Nicole Malliotakis, their handpicked candidate.

Since local Republicans aren’t supporting her, Nicole is more than happy to accept help from the shadiest of Washington’s political hacks. She’s even switched up her allegiances after bashing Donald Trump in 2017 to curry favors.

Enter Sean Spicer…

Spicer, the “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and serial liar, joined serial liar Malliotakis for a fundraiser last night. It’s no surprise that the man the New Yorker said would “be remembered for his lies” would support someone who has also made a habit of fudging the truth.

Malliotakis has lied about her past as a registered lobbyist. She tried to claim she was “not a registered lobbyist,” even though New York State Joint Commission of Public Ethics documents prove otherwise.


But that’s not all. Earlier this year, Nicole’s lies were smacked down in a blistering Washington Post fact check.  She received THREE Pinocchios for lying about a bipartisan bill to protect “Dreamers.”

Lying about her jobs. Lying about legislation. Flip-Flopping on her record. What else is she lying about?

“Washington Republicans are doing everything in their power to get lobbyist Nicole Malliotakis elected. Malliotakis has already shown she’s beholden to special interests and now she’s indebted to the Washington insiders propping up her campaign,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett.


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