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LISTEN: DCCC Launches Unprecedented Hispanic Voter Registration Radio Ad in Southern New Mexico

Register to vote. It’s about our Future.

Today, the DCCC announced its first radio ad urging Hispanics and Latinos who are eligible voters to register to vote in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District ahead of the November election. The ad hits the airwaves in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and it will run through New Mexico’s registration deadline – October 9th. Hispanic and Latino voters make up a large percentage of the electorate in this battleground district, and they will play a key role in deciding who will represent Southern New Mexico in Congress next year.


This unprecedented ad is for Latinos by Latinos. As part of its strategic decision to invest earlier than any other cycle, the DCCC hired Mosaic Media Strategy Group — a minority-owned media firm — to help the committee execute and come up with an ad based on message-tested research. Just this cycle alone, the DCCC allocated a budget of more than $25 million to a comprehensive program dedicated towards turning out voters of color, millennials and women in targeted districts like NM-02.

“We know that the key to winning in competitive and diverse districts, like New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, is to expand our base and drive a broad coalition of diverse voters out for fantastic Democratic candidates like Xochitl Torres Small this November,” said DCCC Executive Director Dan Sena. “The DCCC takes no voter or community for granted, and that’s why we made the strategic, long-term decision to invest millions of dollars to turn out Latino, African American and millennial voters. We know what’s at stake: our community’s livelihood is under attack as long as Republicans control Washington, and we need as many people as possible to register to vote and make their voices heard on November 6th.”


VO1: Mija…you’re still looking at your phone.

Why don’t you put it down for a while?

VO2: Mom…this is important.

VO1: What’s so important? Another selfie picture?

VO2: No…This is about our future.

Did you know that in 2016 Trump was elected President by just 39,000 votes in 3 states?

A few votes made the difference and now our community is under attack.

But this November, WE can be the difference.

That’s why I’m registering to vote online at

VO1: Mija, you know what?

I am going to register too.

Do I just go to

VO2: Yes. Pero hurry! The registration deadline in New Mexico is October 9th.

Mom, you can also register to vote in person on Saturday at 230 South Water Street in Las Cruces or at 3907 McNutt Road Suite C in Sunland Park.

VO1: Okay. I am going to register to vote because you’re right!

Our community’s future depends on us.

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