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LISTEN: Senator Bishop would repeal health care… but then what?

Senator Bishop has defined his political career around staking out extreme positions, with no concern for their long term consequences. Today he confirmed that his position on North Carolinians’ health care is just the latest way he’s pursuing his extreme political agenda with no regard for the good of North Carolina.

Here’s what Senator Bishop said on WFAE yesterday:

“The Affordable Care Act is a disaster. It needs to be fixed, I think the right way to do it is to repeal and replace it.”

That’s Senator Bishop’s extreme position on an issue that Americans care deeply about. Now he needs to answer a few questions with serious implications for North Carolinians.

  1. How does Senator Bishop plan to protect people living with pre-existing conditions?
  2. Does Senator Bishop think women should be charged more for their health care than men?
  3. How would Senator Bishop protect older Americans from health care price gouging?

It’s clear Senator Bishop owes some answers to North Carolinians about how well he’s thought out his latest extreme position.

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