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Lobbyist Turned Congressional Candidate Tries to Claim Trump Endorsement

Nicole Malliotakis Claims to Have Trump Support, His Team Says Not So Fast

Well this is something…

Yesterday, while in Washington, D.C. former lobbyist and congressional candidate Nicole Malliotakis, who skipped a key Assembly hearing on the budget in New York to take selfies at the White House, claimed Trump gave her his personal endorsement.

There’s just one problem though. Trump’s team is claiming that’s not true. The President’s campaign would not comment on Malliotakis’s alleged endorsement, and sources close to the President say that there’s been NO formal endorsement of any candidate in NY-11.


We know why Malliotakis would float such an idea. At the end of last week, the NRCC added her primary opponent Joe Caldarera to their Young Guns’ “On The Radar” list, another sign that this primary is not locked up for Malliotakis. This comes as Malliotakis, who has a record of anti-Trump comments and said she regrets voting for Trump in 2016 because his policies are “not good,” is struggling to prove herself to Trump’s base.

“Nicole Malliotakis missed a critical hearing on the New York state budget to take selfies at the White House, and now she’s claiming endorsements she doesn’t have,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Malliotakis knows this primary isn’t wrapped-up, and she’s feeling the pressure.”


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