MAGA Republicans Prop Up Ciarrocchi

Today, the NRCC has designated struggling GOP candidate Guy Ciarrocchi a Young Gun candidate – here are are the positions Ciarrocchi is aligning himself with:

  • Blocking common-sense gun safety legislation 

  • Opposing cost-reducing infrastructure for Pennsylvania 

  • Embracing QAnon extremists and refusing to say January 6th wasn’t “legitimate political discourse,” after Ciarrocchi himself attended a local Oath Keepers rally 

  • Banning abortion nationwide, after Ciarrocchi for years urged the reversal of Roe v. Wade

  • Enabling the most extreme Republican members

  • Taking money from white nationalists they refuse to condemn 

  • Anti-LGBT rights, including same sex marriage, after Ciarrocchi he spent years lobbying against marraige equality as the chief lobbyist at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia 

James Singer, DCCC spokesperson:
“Guy Ciarrocchi – who has spent a 30 year career seeking public office and molding himself to GOP orthodoxy – is aligning with the most extreme, dangerous MAGA Republicans in America. He’ll always put their radical wishes over Pennsylvania’s needs.”


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