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Malliotakis Consultant: “Sometimes You Just Gotta Say ‘Heil Hitler’”

Congresswoman Malliotakis Must Immediately Fire Consultant

Malliotakis media consultant and former campaign manager Leticia Remauro was caught using incendiary, offensive, and frankly dangerous language on camera, and it’s causing quite a stir.

Remauro, whose agency was paid a whopping $90,000 from Nicole Malliotakis’ 2020 congressional campaign, filmed herself saying: “They are just doing their job. But, not for nothing, sometimes you got to say, `Heil Hitler! — not a good idea to send me here!’” in response to restrictions during the height of last year’s COVID outbreak.

What’s worse, in a recent “apology,” Remauro admitted she actually meant to say “mein Führer” on camera instead.


Will Congresswoman Malliotakis go farther than issuing a weak statement denouncing these words and publicly sever all ties with Leticia Remauro?

“Nicole Malliotakis started off her time in Congress aligning herself with an anti-Semitic, white supremacist mob, voting against certifying the presidential election results, even after their violent attack on the Capitol led to the death of a police officer. And it is now clear that Malliotakis’ longtime advisor shares these beliefs. Malliotakis must immediately fire and pledge to sever all ties with Leticia Remauro and vow to never work with her or anyone who shares her views again,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett.


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