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Marc Molinaro Silent As Donald Trump Addresses Group “Seeking to End All Abortions”

This week, 34-time convicted felon Donald Trump addressed an anti-abortion group that wants to “‘eradicate’ abortion ‘entirely’” and “calls the procedure ‘child sacrifice.’

Marc Molinaro has fully embraced Trump and his extreme anti-choice agenda.

Between the GOP nominee bragging about overturning Roe v. Wade, saying states’ Civil War-era abortion bans are “working brilliantly,” and floating a federal abortion ban – and now, pledging allegiance to an anti-LGBTQ+ organization that aims to end all abortions – Molinaro owes Upstate New Yorkers an answer about why he is backing Trump’s anti-choice, anti-woman agenda. 

DCCC Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty:
“Marc Molinaro’s silence as Donald Trump cozies up to extremists who want abortion ‘eradicated’ is yet another reminder that he will fall in line behind Trump’s plan to take away Upstate New York women’s reproductive freedoms and pass a nationwide abortion ban.”


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