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María Elvira Salazar Praises The Notion Of “Completely Homogeneous” Society

In a spanish-language video endorsing Argentina’s “anarcho-capitalist” President-elect, María Elvira Salazar praised the notion of a “completely homogenous” society.

Argentina “is a country that has everything, it has soy, it has flesh, it has minerals, it has soil, it has water, and it has one single culture, one single religion, and one single race, completely homogenous,” Salazar says in the video. She goes on to say “it’s time that the people of Argentina wake up.”

DCCC Spokesperson José Muñoz:
“María Elvira Salazar’s comments praising the notion of advancing a society with a single culture, religion, and race are antithetical to our American values. It is clear that Salazar is not interested in working to lower costs, provide jobs, or protect the fundamental rights of all the diverse people who make up Florida’s 27th district.”


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