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Maria Elvira Salazar Who “Stood With Q” Exposed in DCCC’s First TV Campaign of 2022 Cycle

More than $500,000 TV and digital ad campaign will target 6 key markets

Today, DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney announced the DCCC’s first major TV and digital campaign of the 2022 Election Cycle. The campaign exposes Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, along with six other vulnerable Washington Republicans for being too weak to stand up to President Trump and the QAnon mob after he whipped them into a murderous frenzy, making it clear that each “stood with Q, not you.”

The 30-second TV ads and digital spots will play across key local broadcast and cable stations in Miami, exposing Congresswoman Salazar, as well as in Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles, Omaha, and Washington, DC, and to targeted audiences across digital platforms.


This historically early investment from the DCCC comes as Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar and Washington Republicans continue to show they are too weak to stop the QAnon mob’s takeover of their party. The ad specifically spotlights the clearest example of that takeover.

On January 6, President Trump and his top enablers in Congress whipped their supporters into a violent mob, then caved to their QAnon mob’s demands just hours after the mob murdered a police officer. Then, Congresswoman Salazar and all but 10 Republicans in the House refused once again to stand up to the mob’s demands and voted against protecting Americans from the mob’s principal inciter, President Trump.

“Maria Elvira Salazar has made her choice – she chose to cave to the murderous QAnon mob that has taken over her party,” said DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney. “Washington Republicans are trying to have it both ways – refusing to hold those responsible for the attack on the Capitol accountable, offering nothing but empty words after years of hyping up lies and conspiracy theories. There is no middle ground, but their actions have made one thing clear — no American will be safe from the QAnon mob if Maria Elvira Salazar’s party is in power.”

While Maria Elvira Salazar’s party may not recognize the threat the QAnon mob poses to our country, the American people do. New polling conducted on behalf of the DCCC by ALG and GBAO shows that QAnon holds a 68% name ID among voters in battleground districts, with an overwhelming negative perception: 5% favorable, 63% unfavorable. With more than 21 months to go before the election, and Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene as the most prominent faces of their caucus, voters’ familiarity with QAnon will only grow, while Republicans in Washington like Congresswoman Salazar carry the mark.

SCRIPT for “Stood” targeting Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar in FL-27:

QAnon. A conspiracy theory born online took over the Republican Party. Sent followers to Congress. And, with Donald Trump, incited a mob that took over the Capitol, and murdered a cop.
Then, Republicans like Maria Elvira Salazar voted to protect Trump, letting the QAnon mob win.
Congresswoman Salazar should have stood with us, but she was a coward, she stood with Trump and the lies.
Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar: She stood with Q, not you.

Similar versions will play in targeted media markets exposing Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, Rep. Mike Garcia, Reps. Young Kim and Michelle Steel, Rep. Don Bacon, Rep Beth Van Duyne, and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.


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